Nancy Kozikowski Juried Into THE ART OF LABOR Museum Exhibit in San Jose, CA

June 14, 2018

Nancy Kozikowski Juried Into THE ART OF LABOR Museum Exhibit in San Jose, CA Image

Nancy Kozikowski's tapestry, Reverse Persian (57 x 39") , has been juried into The Art of Labor exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles from July 22 - October 14, 2018.

Using the word “Labor” as a point of departure, jurors Carole Frances Lung (Frau Fiber) and Amy DiPlacido selected fiber-based, or textile-inspired work by artists exploring the many possible definitions of the term and its relationship to art.

The following is Nancy's statement about her weaving:
The idea for my weaving, Reverse Persian, came to me because of my appreciation for the legacy of Persian rugs and those unknown artists who have created them over the centuries.  I believe that Persian carpets are the most successful art form in history. They are found in every country in the world in homes, offices, capital buildings, old hotels, new hotels. We don’t think about it, but we cannot live without them. They are everywhere. My mother-in-law left Poland in 1939 during the WWII bombing with her 6 month old baby. She also brought with her a small, thin Persian carpet and put it in whatever place she was to designate “home”.  I still have the carpet and treasure it.  It endures.  The design of my weaving has taken the ever-present border pattern of Persian rugs, moved those borders to the center, and added a free form three dimensional ribbon. I believe in the evolution of tradition.